Thursday, July 3, 2008

chillicothee to kirksville to quincy

Not sure what happened, I emailed from chillicthee a coupla days ago but it must be floating out there in cyberspace somewhere. Did send some more pics, hope they're on the blogsite. Anyway, the last 3 days have been tough, Missouri is known as the land of a thousand hills and I have no doubt in my mind where they are!Big roller coasters that go on endlessly as far as the eye can see, like doing interval training for 85 miles a day 3 days in a row, I'm so tired tonight I can hardly move Mostly rolling hills, beautiful farms, lots of corn and soybeans, all on back country roads, some rough, some very narrow but tons better than big highways. I actually get the feel of smalltown Ameica, would love to come back in a car, a convertible at that! Somehow at dinner one night in the midst of this, we came up with an idea for a coffee table book about all the varieties of roadkill, sure to sell like hotcake!You can see how the discussion quickly deteriorates after dinner, then goes immediately to what the route is gonna be like the next day followed by how soon can we go to bed, haven't made it till after dark in a while.Today was about 65 miles in rain and the rest with headwinds, next two days are 2 century days--wow. Crossing the Mississippi today was interesting, really high, they had to shuttle us across the bridge. So--guess that's it for tonight.

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